Bell & Ross Square Shouldered Watch Price, Features, Specifications

Square shouldered watches never goes out of trend. Bell & Ross has again launched the Square shouldered watch with an amazing look. This makes your personality completely different. The square shape of the watch defines the brand Bell & Ross.

Bell & Ross Square Watches

Features of Square Shouldered Bell & Ross Watches:

  • This watch is made up of stainless steel as it is quite powerful than other watches. Also the quality of stainless steel makes it more unique and one can use it for long period of time.
  • This watch is water proof which means you don’t have to fear if you are taking bath and forgot to remove your watch from wrist. You can do swimming as well without removing the watch from your wrist. This feature makes the worth of this watch.
  • It comprises of self-winding with the help of micro-rotor.
  • It consists of sapphire crystal and also an anti-reflective coating is present on the watch.

Appearance of this Watch:

As nowadays while selecting any of the thing makes you feel that it must suits my personality. You are always in doubt while purchasing best for you. You might be confused what to take? From where to take? Which brand? These type of questions always come in your mind when you are thinking to purchase something for you. But when you are going for a watch don’t hesitate and think enough just go for Bell & Ross square shouldered as they are very attractive and goes up with your personality. The appearance of watch depends on the frame and the frame of this watch is shielded up with two best plates of sapphire, where one is present on the top, the another plate is present on the back. To make it perfectly in shape the plates of such watches are polished for many hours.

Straps of Square Shouldered Watches:

The straps of this watch are completely comfortable to wear all day long. It permits for a great, locked fit dislike having the flat as well as case back, which can also become a flake of a trouble on many of the wrists. It may swoop more, as well as it may brush out against all the joints of your hand making it uncomfortable, but no such type of things happen with this watch. The strap of this watch comes up with quite deep, soft strap made up of leather with coated edges. The strap of such watches increase in the outward direction which makes the look unique.


  • It comprises of fantastic wear-ability.
  • This watch is supple, comfortable as well as comes up with detailed strap.


  • There is misaligned screws present on the case front.

The Bell & Ross provides a limited edition with best styles. This is a wonderful watch with lots of features that makes your styling completely different and helps in providing you a new look. Whenever you wear this watch and go out people will surely ask you about the watch.

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