Delay in Shipping of the Iphone X: Till Mid October

Apple has just got back with three models this month. The news was largely confirmed prior the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple Iphone X start to set it’s pre orders from October 27, and November 3rd for sales In india. Yet again new reports from a Raymond James analyst declared a statement facing hurdles from Iphone X production. That’s might be a reason for delayed shipment of Iphone X.

Analyst Christopher case made a statement regarding the final production of Iphone X that it has pushed the production Mid-october this year.

This might results in degradation of sales. He further adds that his claims are entirely based on a week Travel by Asia meeting with those in supply chains vendors.

The sources replied that they have not started with the production of Iphone X and shall start by mid-october. It started a month later whereas the expected date was about 2 months ago.

Case says that this was an incremental delay in assimilating plans. And would largely hit the sales figure this year. KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo predominantly expressed that Iphone X might be around 40-50 million in 2017.

Within such time constraints it is very unlikely to predict the demand of all consumers. He further adds that Supply demand equilibrium can only be achieved by 2018 fiscal year.

Kuo came up with fresh note, claiming all the model will be launched next year featuring a Sport Face ID.  If consumers like our new feature, we are more likely to adopt the TrueDepth Functionality for Front Facing camera for all Iphone series phones.

This is due to some challenges faced by the Apple in screen Touch ID along with the the 3D module which would make the screen more thicker results in inaccurate results. This is where Apple want to improve through a under display finger print reader.

Kuo conveyed that If the Touch ID is loved by most of their Iphone users. They will try to invest more time and money developing the in-screen Touch ID technology.

This is to inform that iPhone X still have some issues with it and will take some time to resolve that while, Iphone 8 and Plus began their sale on September 29 onwards.

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