Google coming out with Home Mini, Pixelbook, Daydream view, Pixel2

What’s Google may release this October, leaks suggest that Google is set to come out with an event on 4th October about the launch of Google Products. Droid Life- The leak has already been out now. And they came out with some images of gadgets that Google may announce this month.

  1. Google Home Mini

Since, Amazon Echo Dot has already been out Google thought to make it better and cheap for users which can let speakers to use as a smart voice to control everything.

Now, Google is geared up to reveal it’s own Google Home Mini. The pricing can be anywhere £40, it comes with swappable covers and LED lights to help you with voice commands and feedback.

  1. Google Pixel Book

Google tried to jump in and build a similar machine next to Microsoft Surface Pro. Even with the Pixel Book, Google tried to offer a touchscreen with a flipping cover . It literally expected to have a Stylus that can be used on the display.

It runs on the Chrome OS with on board storage of 128GB and priced around $1,200 (£885) Or 512GB for $1750 (£1290)

  1. Day Dream

A new Virtual Reality Set is yet to launch which Google named it a Daydream. Alongside this device can be used with any Android devices. It will come with various color options  and can be roughly priced at $100. It’s expensive then what competitors offers, but we need to wait for the date to disclose the advance functionality it has like NFC, kind of lenses.

  1. Pixel 2 & Pixel XL

The long awaited smartphone of the year coming out in three colours Where’s the Pixel XL built by LG comes out in two variant.

The Pixel 2 start with a price tag of $650 with 64GB and the Pixel XL can come with a price of  $850 with 64GB of on board.

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