Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL: Price, Features, Specifications, Comparison

Google Pixel and Pixel XL was a major hit. And surprisingly, Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 are also knocking the doors of mobile phones Industry.

Flagship? Maybe!

The Launching of these phones is expected to be in the Google Event on 4th Oct 2017.  Yes! It’s near. And it is confirmed that HTC is building the Google Pixel 2, whereas LG is building the Pixel XL 2. Isn’t it interesting? 


The all-new Pixel is just similar to the previous ones and the whole body is built with metal but the back panel is of glass. Yes! It’s Durable and classy too And all the other things, like the fingerprint scanner and rear camera, are there. Pixel XL 2 is slightly different from the Pixel 2.The screen is different in both of the models. According to the rumors, the screen size of Pixel 2 is yet to be a nice 5inches full HD display with the aspect ratio of 16:9. But On the other hand, the screen may slightly differ in the Pixel XL 2, the screen would be of 6inches with the aspect ratio of 18:9. And yes! It is a 2k display.

According to the rumors, Pixel 2 gets powered by a high-power Snapdragon 835 processor and both the phones will have 4 GB of RAM. I think it’s slightly low as One plus 5 also comes up with the same processor and with 9gb of RAM. There will be a tough competition for sure. Both of the phones come with Android 8.1 (Oreo)

There will be two variants available. One comes up with the Storage of 64 GB and the second one comes up with 128 GB of storage, yes! It’s damn good.

Pixel 2 will be available in three color variants:

  • Blueish
  • All black
  • White ( silver)

And Pixel XL 2 will be available in two color variants:

  • Complete black
  • Black & white


There will be no dual camera setup. As per rumors, the rear is yet to be of 12 mega-pixel. And the front one will be of 7 mega-pixels. Maybe the OIS support won’t be there but Google is using EIS this time too. The camera sensor is Improved a lot this time. It is bigger than the previous one, which lets you click amazing pictures. Its camera would be able to click beautiful pictures in low-light too.  There will be a tough competition between Moto G5s and Pixel 2 for sure regarding the camera. We will update a detailed comparison of both mobile’s camera in near future.


pixel 2 will come with the stereo speaker in front. And sadly there will be no 3.5mm headphone jack in upcoming Pixel 2. On the other hand, Pixel XL 2 won’t have any stereo speakers but comes up with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Isn’t it sounds silly?


According to the leaks, the price of Pixel 2 is supposed to 649$ for the 64 GB variant and 749$ for the 128 GB variant. And the Price of Pixel XL 2 is supposed to 849$ for the 64 GB variant and 949$ for the 128 GB variant.

Interesting Feature: 

One very cool feature is the ability to squeeze the Pixel 2 in order to activate Google Assistant. Yup, this phone is being made by HTC and yes that is a unique feature of the HTC U 11.

There are several competitors available in the market right now. We have Samsung galaxy note 8 and LG V30, and Google pixel 2 is also going to launch on 4th Oct. Comment down below and let me know your choice. 🙂

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