Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Features and Specifications

It was long pack when Pixel was introduced by google. Now, with Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL coming this year were no more a surpris now. Google has record to follow up this year with these two smartphones.

Though, the rumor about the original Pixel was pretty rushed so we need to see what’s google has stored for us this year.

So, what do we know about the Pixel 2.0 now, Google announced a quick look with the launch date and pricing.

  • It will be release on 4th October
  • Pricing can be anywhere between £650 and £950
  • The key features possibly be the water resistance, absolute bezel less screen, comes with Boom speakers and EdgeSense (a skin on top of android)

Google Pixel felt expensive with starting model at £599 and rising above £819 for top Google specs on XL Model

Well, still we’re yet to know the final price but can expect a similar or little higher on two models compared to previous year launch.

DroidLife came up with new pricing on Pixel 2 that cost around $649 and $749 in US as the other model will be around $849 and $949.

If we come on a straight conversion,like Apple it seems pricing can be similar.

Google Pixel 2 Specifications:

All the Flagship phones released in year 2017 boast a snapdragon SoC, perhaps a 835 chipset, it is well fitted for daily to daily tasks but we have to wait for a latter conformation whether Google will go with Snapdragon 836.

Pixel 2 would be the first device to use a Qualcomm chip providing a straight 10% better performance than it’s predecessors.

This is exactly like the original Pixel which was launched later in the year, using 821, 820 SoC found over another flagships.

But It can possible that Google goes with the 825 chipset Instead, of powering the devices with 836 Chipset.

It comes with a 4GB RAM, and 64GB or 128GB storage with no microSD card expansion. Still we’re yet to receive the battery information.

Some sources claimed to have a 4.97 inch of screen with Pixel 2 and 5.99 inch on Pixel 2 XL.

These Pixels phones comes with OLED panels with 18.9 aspect ratio and a 2560×1312 resolution.

Google Pixel 2 Design:

The leaks confirmed that the Pixel 2 comes with more robust design. The Glass is still present on the back of the phone but it’s thinner now.

With more bezel less display phones coming out this year we thought Pixel would come with similar form factor. Although the speaker grill is present on the top and the fingerprint is present on the back side.

This can be expected to have this device waterproof, and comes with three color variants Kinda blue, just black, clearly white.


This is really interesting to look at some of the best features Pixel comes with introducing HtC sense (a skin on top of android), with BoomSound you can now listen to clear pitch sound that also first introduced in HTC .

Whereas edge senseacts as a function button and feel nice to operate it from squeezable edges. Definitely a useful feature.

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