How to Change Theme on WhatsApp?

Changing themes of Smartphones, Apps or PC’s is quite important if you are always in need of something new. You can change the themes of some smartphones and apps, whereas some don‘t. But still we keep on tweaking with them so that we might be able to change them. WhatsApp is one of those apps where changing themes has become a necessity.


We always try our level best to give our WhatsApp a new look by changing the background wallpaper. And you might have even tried to change the theme of WhatsApp. But that didn’t work, did it? You are not alone in that case as there is a whole bunch of people who have tried to do that. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible, there is just a small catch. Well, I will be providing you with some details that will help you to change Themes on WhatsApp.

How to Change WhatsApp Themes?

You can change the background pictures of WhatsApp quite easily but if you want to change the theme of the official WhatsApp then it’s simply not possible. But there is an alternative and this is GBWhatsApp. A GBWhatsApp mod allows you to change the themes of WhatsApp. To change the themes of GBWhatsApp follow the provided steps.

          • First of all you need to download and Install GBWhatsApp.
          • To install the App first get the Apk of the app and then install it by following the steps necessary.
          • After you are done with the installation part tap on the icon of the app to start it.
          • Now, tap on thethree dots on the top right hand corner of the app.
          • Select “GBSettings” from the drop down menu. You can get some idea from the image provided below.
          • On the screen in front of you, search for a “DownloadThemes” tab. Another image has been provided to make your search easier.


        • Tap on that and you will be able to see a lot of themes. Don’t get hasty. First you need to download the themes/themes that you like.
        • And after the download has been completed you just need to tap on the “Apply” button just by the side of the theme.


  • And after that a restart message will appear before you. Select “OK.”


  1. Like that you can keep changing the themes as much as you want accordingly.

This is how themes on WhatsAppneeds to be changed. But there is another method that you can try. You can also manually change the theme of GBWhatsApp or to be precise you can change the color schemes, icons of your GBWhatsApp.

How to Manually Change Themes on GBWhatsApp?

Well the initial steps are quite the same. Check the steps for yourself and that would be all.

  • Click on the “GB Settings.”
  • On that screen below the “DownloadThemes” tab you will be able to spot another section named “Appearances.”
  • Now in that section you will be able to see various tabs like “Conversation Screen”, “Popup Notification”, “Main/Chat Screen”, etc.


  • Now click on the tab that you want to edit and from there set the color schemes of the tab according to your wish. And like that you can give your WhatsApp a new look that will specifically be available to you.

And that is how you can manually change the theme of your WhatsApp. If you want you can also reverse the changes the back to default.

How to Reset GBWhatsApp Themes to Default?

Here are few steps that will help you to set your WhatsApp back to default.

  • Go to “GB Setting.”


  • Now tap on “More.” check the image below.


  • After that tap on “Clear” and all the changes made to the theme of GBWhatsApp will be restored to default.

And that’s it. Like this you can change the themes on WhatsApp. You can also follow the other provided steps to restore the themes back to default or change the themes manually. GBWhatsApp is a better version of WhatsApp and suggest you get it as soon as possible and enjoy all the features and benefits of this app. Hope the provided information was helpful to you.

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