How to Edit Video on Your iPhone Using iMovie

iMovie іѕ thе official app bу Apple whісh lеtѕ iPhone users shoot аnd edit high-definition (HD) videos аnd share thеm оn YouTube оr send thеm vіа MMS оr e-mail. Thе app іѕ nifty аnd hаѕ vаrіоuѕ options аnd features. Users whо hаvе hаd experience wіth video shooting аnd editing wоuld easily respond tо thе gіvеn options, whіlе beginners wоuld nееd tо fidget аrоund thе app tо gеt а hold оf thе things. Thе iPhone’s camera lеtѕ уоu shoot HD videos аnd thе quality іѕ impressive. Now, уоu саn turn thе HD video іntо а thrilling trailer оr а masterpiece worthy оf thе red carpet bу uѕіng thе iMovie app.

  1. Prep it Up: Before, starting to shoot a video, have an idea you would want to focus on. And keep a check on the time as you would be losing precious memory during the process. Now, tap + to start a new project. Then, you’ll be asked to select theme music for the video. Toggle on/off the theme music. Apple provides for five themes – Modern, Bright, Travel, Playful, and News. This is not all. You’ll be able to change the theme to the music of your liking in the editing process; in the settings menu of the Timeline. Each project is auto saved as you work and the saved files will be shown as thumbnails. There are a few buttons you should remember while using the iMovie app. The app works in portrait as well as landscape mode. To view your projects, press the button on the upper left hand corner. The upper right hand corner has the play/pause button. To add media to your iPhone’s library, tap the button on the lower left hand corner and at the lower right hand corner is the camera key.
  1. Adding Videos to the Timeline: The Timeline is a simple feature of the app which lets you assemble all the videos in your iPhone’s library. Simply, tap on the add button or drag-and-drop files into the empty spaces in the Timeline. In the settings, you can change the theme music and other features to suit your needs.
  2. Edit Photos and Videos in the Timeline: In case of a photo, select a project from the list to edit. Two yellow lines will appear on either side of the photo. Drag the markers to reduce the duration it’s shown in the timeline. Edit it with the settings. You can also zoom in and out by pinching the photo. In case of video, it’s more or less the same process. But, there are a few exclusive settings for videos. Tap the video to pull up the Clip Settings menu. Change it as per your needs and watch your video turn into a movie trailer!
  1. Splicing Clips: To splice a clip, move the red line marker to the point you want to splice. Press the screen to splice the clip. In case you want to undo the changes, shake the iPhone back and forth to bring up the said menu.
  2. Wrapping up and Sharing: Check with all the settings. Once you’re satisfied, you can export the clip to the iPhone’s Camera Roll with the selection of a particular HD format. Once it’s exported, you can upload and share it on YouTube or send it to as many friends and relatives via MMS or e-mail. Happy hunting!

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