Worried How to Take Screenshot Easily – Find A Quick Way To Take a Screenshot

Screenshots are the best method to share beautiful moments from your favorite conversation on social media like Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram, photos, videos and high score your games. With the help of screenshot, you may store these moments in your album or photo gallery of your iPhone. You may capture everything you see on your iPhone screen with the help of screenshot.


There is the various method available which will help you take a screenshot on your iPhone. You can take the screenshot with the help of Home and Lock button. And also if your iPhone screen is broken or you have difficulty with this method than you are able to use AssistiveTouch to take the screenshot.

1: How to Take the Screenshot?

Firstly you must have to open the app, video, photo or whatever you want to capture the screenshot. Then press as well as hold the power button and the Home button at the same time. When you both press at the same time a white flash appear and a capture sound of the camera shutter you will hear. You will hear this sound only if the sound is not off on your iPhone. If your phone is on silent as well as vibration mode then you are not able to hear this sound.

2: Screenshot Troubleshooting:

Sometimes at the first time you can not able to screenshot as when you press the power button it may turn your phone and sometimes volume button does not work. So do not worry just try once again you will capture the screen. This is not so hard to take the screenshot.

3: Where the Screenshot Saved:

The screenshot you have been taken to your Photos App on your iPhone. To view, the screenshot opens the photo app then click on the album button and you will find the screenshot in all photos. And sometimes it makes a different folder of your screenshot with the name screenshot.

4: Take a Screenshot without Sound:

If you have taken the screenshot on a crowded train and you feel embarrassed with the sound shutter and sometimes the person sitting front of you think you have taken their photo. If you want to take the screenshot without any sound just make sure that your iPhone should be mute. You can mute your iPhone by sliding the volume control button to the off.

5: Send a Screenshot to a Friend or Family:

If you want to forward the screenshot you capture to someone then just select the screenshot you have taken and then click on the share button appear on the screen of your iPhone. Then select one option where you want to share as Facebook, Mail, Message as well as Instagram. Then add the details of the person whom you want to share and then click on the send button.

Screenshots are the great way to capture anything and at any time. You can add an image as well as any message while sharing the screenshot. You can add or write something on the text box and by clicking on the camera icon you can share the image from the photos. Above mentioned method will help you to take the screenshot in an easy way.

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