How to Turn Your Windows 7 to Windows 8 Look alike

With the news of the advent of ‘brand new’ Windows 8 gradually circulating the tech world, many of us are very eager to see what that new UI is all about! As informed, this new OS from Microsoft will bring a revolution in the user interface concept. Windows 8 with its beta version already disseminating in the market, is still under construction and it will take some time to launch the stable version of it. For this reason, most of us are rushing to get available transformation packs and themes that will give our Windows 7 desktop a touch of the new Windows 8.

How to turn your Windows 7 to Windows 8:

Using some themes and transformation packs, the user can easily convert its ‘old and monotonous’ Windows 7 desktop into a new sizzling Windows 8 interface. Using Windows 7’s (phone version) Metro UI in Windows 8, you can pin up your important contacts, websites and applications as a title in your desktop. Here I am going to discuss step by step on how to install the best theme available that will help you to upgrade your Windows 7 virtually!

Theme Name: Zetro UI Theme

Description: It is very clean and efficient Metro UI theme for Windows 7. Once the user gets accustomed with the new features, specially the white spaces all over, this theme is worth loving. Zetro when coupled with Rainmeter and Omnimo 4 gives your desktop a snazzy look.

Installation Steps:

Here are some steps on how to install this theme on your PC:

1) At first, download the patch file of the theme from the link provided above.

2) Then extract out the zipped file. Open the folder and then move to ‘Extra > UXTheme Patch’ folder.

3) Next, Right click on the file named as ‘UniversalThemePatcher-x86.exe’ if it is a 32 bit system and if it is a 64 bit system then the file will be named as ‘UniversalThemePatcher-x64’ and then select ‘Run as Administrator’.

4)  It will immediately tell you to patch 3 files together. Click on the ‘Patch’ button on the side of the files. Then restart your computer.

5) After that copy the Zetro folder and Zetro theme to ‘C: /Windows/Resources/Theme’. Now go to your control panel and change your theme. 

6)  You also can change the system file. Then just follow the instructions given in the folder. It should be noticed that these files are not supported in Windows 7 SP1.

7) Load the theme and enjoy the exciting user interface of Windows 8 in your Windows 7.


Before concluding this article, it should be mentioned that there are more themes and transformation packs available other than Zetro UI. But with respect to all interfaces and looking into all other attributes, Zetro UI is the best theme available in the market for this purpose. Hope this article will help you out to give your tiring Windows 7 desktop a new look. This is what a ‘lookalike looks like’.

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