HTC trying to get in with a Flagship Smartphone, Despite Google Deal, HTC Clarifies

Everyone knows about the Google acquiring Smartphone manufacturer HTC with a $1.1 billion agreement that will come to light latter buying smartphone operations.

HTC came up and announced that they will soon reveal their Flagship despite of Google deal but with a condition that from now, that it won’t be launching with their own brand name. Although, HTC further clarified regarding the company’s deal with Google in further statement.

The deal was on the verge  and the agreement was on to continuing the support for all HTC branded smartphones through Google. This enables the company to build more streamlined portfolio for themselves with larger operational efficiency and financial stability.

HTC reportedly said about the best in engineering class technology they possess will be worked upon the next Flagship phone. With a successful launch of HTC 11 this year took no time to bring more Flagship during this year end.

HTC will now continue to manufacture their own Flagship under their brand name. And also indicated that they will go for better handset which can offer value more money instead of expanding their range further.

Apart from this the company U11 (flagship) smartphone perform extremely well for and they can now arrange a few more in Flagship lineups.

With Introduction of HTC virtual Reality, the Vive business is on roll which makes a sole manufacturer for next get Virtual reality next gen technologies including the Augmented reality and AI.

HTC was suffering from a financial loss for few years. It might be possible that HTC discontinue the brand which might affect the sales figures.

But this announcement can comes out to be a little relief to muster enough confidence to the consumers who are thinking to purchase their upcoming hTC flagship smartphone.

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