Huawei P9: A Phone With A Unique Camera Style

Huawei is one of the Chinese company which is giving quite tough competition to Samsung as well as Apple android phone. When you think of taking a new phone what you do? For sure you might research about the company of that phone, features of the phone, quality of the handset. This phone just becomes an eye catching moment for you as you can’t wait to buy it.

Huawei P9 Price-features-specifications

Hardware and Price of Huawei P9:

The dimensions   of this phone is 5.7 x 2.8 x 0.27 inches. The weight that Huawei P9 hold is 144g. Also the glass of this phone is made up of Gorilla Glass 4 with pixel density of 424 ppi. The storage space is 32GB which is expandable with RAM of 3GB. The battery of this phone is 3,000mAh. This phone comprises of Octa-core Kirin 955 processor. The camera is divided into two parts primary camera  with 2×12-megapixel BSI as well as secondary camera with 8-megapixel. The price of this phone is $350.

Design and Features of Huawei P9

It comprises of aluminum unibody which makes you to hold this phone comfortably. As compared to the earlier devices of Huawei this android phone is compact. The size of this phone is similar to iPhone 6S. There is very small difference in their size. The fingerprint sensor at the back of this phone is quite fast as compared to other devices. The best feature of this phone is Leica dual-camera. The display of Huawei P9 is one of the best feature of this phone. The Huawei P9 is about 6.18mm thin in size, and the metallic body with the diamond-cut boundary is incomparable. It makes you feel very great to hold this phone in your hand because it is not even sharp as well as it is not rounded enough. The look of this phone is perfect.


  • For more vibrant photographs the Leica Glass is used.
  • The hardware as well as design of this phone is unique from others and it is amazing to use this phone.
  • The scanner of the fingerprint is fast enough.
  • The processor of Huawei P9 is quite powerful.


  • The bad thing about this phone is that it comprises of non removable battery which means that you cannot change the battery of this phone.
  • It simply support the NFC.
  • The UI of Huawei P9 is similar to the earlier versions as well as it is somehow non-innovative.
  • The charging speed of this phone is not efficient and also it does not consist wireless charging as well as the body of this phone is not water proof.

The minimum price of this phone is $445 USD. This phone is completely attractive you can customize the setting of this phone in an easy way. This handset provides you a quality photograph as the dual camera makes the picture more clear. You can also make use of virtual shutter which is appearing onto the screen while you are making use of camera.

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