Nokia 8 Hands On Review – Pros and Cons

Nokia 8, is considered to be the flagship mobile of the company, after it has been revived. It has the most powerful chipset embedded with dual sensor camera, with perfectly sized QHD display. Even though, it is embedded with more features compared to other Nokia mobiles, many people do not find the features more attractive. In this article, we shall see the advantages and disadvantages of Nokia 8, according to the hands on experience of users.


Nokia 8 is considered to be the High-Spec, Camera oriented android Smartphone, which is the most loved mobile, that Nokia has ever made. They have also collaborated with the top brands like Google, Qualcomm and Zeiss. Nokia are considered to be the camera mobiles, where Zeiss provides the lenses. Again these companies have collaborated and so users are expecting more efficient cameras.

Another important feature, that is said to be present in the Nokia 8 Smartphone is ‘Bothie’. This is a feature where you can simultaneously live stream a selfie, while using its Primary camera. Nokia 8, also has the dual lens camera and a Snapdragon and Qualcomm processors, which is said to be another important feature of this new Nokia 8 Smartphone. In addition to this feature, Nokia 8 have another advantage is that, both primary and secondary camera is said to have same 13 MP and also have autofocus facility. Due to this feature, pictures or videos taken in both cameras have the same quality.

Even though, while introducing the Bothie feature they faced issues like mobile overheating, it was overcome by Qualcomm processor and introducing copper cooling pipe inside the mobile’s body. Also, Nokia 8 has 2 rear lenses shot in color and monochrome, with the help of both the lenses the picture quality will be high compared to other mobiles. The interface of the camera is also user-friendly, which allows the user to understand the functionality immediately.

Apart from camera, another important feature is they have is in-built Facebook live and YouTube live  functionalities in the camera. So ‘Going Live’, is only a few taps away and broadcasting using the Bothie is quite simple. Nokia’s camera feature is simple, easy to use and efficient, compared to other Smartphone available in the market.

The finish of the mobile is awesome and is very beautiful, with eye-catching gloss finish. Nokia 8 mobile, provides a high hand comfort compared to other Smartphone. It has rounded edges and side panels with 2.5D curved glass. In addition to the compact design, this mobile is also embedded with the best hardware and operating systems, with Gorilla glass, that is shatter-proof. And also the battery power is 3090 mAh, which is comparatively less from other Smartphone.

Reasons For Buying this Mobile: 

  • Creative and easy to understand Bothie technology
  • Monochrome camera mode provides high quality images
  • Pure Android mobile, with embedded Facebook and YouTube Live apps
  • Fast and Smooth Performance
  • Polished copper is stunning with amazing finish

Shortcomings of the Mobile: 

  • Subtle design features
  • Bothie is not for everyone. Only few people find it easy and useful.

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