Q Acoustics’ M2 soundbar equipped with Bluetooth is a solid bargain of the month

One of the best sound bar available for now is one comes with a discreet black box that can take up Tv’s upto 25 Kilos on top of it. It can even kept as a standalone speaker like a TV cabinet or used a sound bar.

Q Acoustics’ M3 is one of it’s kind. It more of a designed like a Sonos Playbar-style ‘sound base’  for a brilliant audio option for your skyrocket suite of luxuriate based tech.

T3 has more profoundly headed to met the standards set by M3.

This has a switch on the back that optimises the sound for each dimension further lets you boost the Tv’s output volume.

This black box can be easily kept at suitable places to use as a standalone speaker, You can really feel the exceptional sound that it produces . Especially designed for movie sound.

When plugged in with a M2 it produces a magnificent sound alluring your focus straight to the sound bar. Watching movies on it can be a simply awesome.

To be more precise, with Balanced Mode Radiator speakers truly accolades into a sound stage. Just like down firing speakers which produces a tight bass. It was assumed during the demo M2 can be anywhere between the £400-£500 but we found out to be £299 actually, This can be a better deal if anyone looking for a magnificent sound base.

Within the Sound base you find two HDMIs and ARC for better connectivity as well as a 3.5 mm inputs.

Now, with Bluetooth 4.0 packed with APT-X allows you to enjoy better high fidelity sound quality. It’s simpler and wireless.

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