Sony Xperia XZ Review, Price, Features, Specifications, Comparison and Overview

The manufacturing of Sony is one of the best manufacturing in the Indian market. It produces number of household digital products. As, nowadays Sony is quite famous for the Android phones. Sony Xperia XZ comprises of all the features which you are looking up in a smart phone. The camera of this smart phone is also improved as per the earlier versions of Sony phones.

Sony Xperia XZ

Features of Sony Xperia XZ:

  • The body of this new android phone is completely waterproof. This features make you relax as many of the times in the rain your phone gets wet, also any other problem might be happen related to water with your phone. Therefore, this feature protects your phone to get damaged. You can also use your phone during your bath.
  • Nobody wants that someone look at the private things in the mobile phone. To keep this in mind the next feature of Sony Xperia XZ is the finger print sensor. Now, nobody can open your phone without your permission. You can keep your office documents as well as personal things in your phone completely safe. The thumb lock is one of the required feature nowadays that everyone want in their phone.
  • The next feature is an amazing one and the game lovers love this feature for sure. Now you will be able to play PS4 games in your mobile phone at home.
  • Sony Xperia XZ also has an important feature of dust resistant.
  • Headphone jack as well as USB-C slot is present in this new version.
  • A very important feature of this phone is reinforced corners. These covers the phone as a shield as in any case if it fells down then no any damage will be there in your phone.

Battery life of Sony Xperia XZ:

The battery life of this version is similar as the earlier version Sony Xperia Z5. The battery will last for one entire day. This phone comprises of a power saver mode when the battery of the phone going to be low. There is an Ultra Stamina mode available in this phone to access the apps or important messages as well as phone calls when your phone battery is going to be dead. The technology of fast charging is also included in this new version of Sony. Now, it take a short period of time to charge the smart phone. The cut off feature of this phone is best.

Buy your Sony Xperia XZ:

All in all Sony Xperia XZ is a worth to money. It comprises of 23MP of rear camera as well as 13 Mp improved front camera. This phone is quite fast and accurate at its work. The camera consist of option like manual mode with the help of which you can enjoy best photography. The price of Sony Xperia XZ starts from 41,000 for dual and 57,000 for premium. This phone is one of the great phone with many of the unbelievable features. This phone did not even crash and one can evenly use this phone for long period of time.

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