The Quickest and Easiest Way To Know about YEVO x Colette Headphones

The latest series of the Colette’s sees that the Parisian stock hook-up with the  Bluetooth headphones product YEVO Labs. These smart headphones are again designed in Colette’s style blue color way, and work with the brand who used to make the happy plugs for the customers. A pair of the headphones is able to create or break a run. If they are fiddly, and not fit in the ear properly than you become uncomfortable with it.

YEVO x Colette Headphones

Design of the YEVO x Colette Headphones:

The YEVO’s wireless headphones are well designed in Colette’s blue as well as engineered as a musical perfection. These headphones have the super performance with crystal-clear quality of the sound as it produces the superb quality of the sound. The different part of this device from the other Bluetooth related wireless devices that this device has a new feature near-field magnetic ceremony pairing profession. The battery life of this device is more than 20 hours. This device contains charge case as well as slim storage. The headphones place an efficient aesthetic divine by faceted valuable metals and as well as dressed to form a statement.

Qualities in YEVO x Colette Headphones:

Here mentioned some information will help you to know YEVO x Colette headphones are the best. YEVO x Colette headphones will able to fulfill your all the requirements. If you have any doubt about these earphones than by seeing following qualities in this you will be in love with these earphones.


These headphones have the ability to fit in your ears easily. If the earphone does not fit properly in your ears it may make a bad effect on the customers. But if you are going to buy YEVO x Colette headphones than without any worry you can buy this. Because in this headphone ear hook is provided which will help not to slip earphone from the ear.

Connection Ability:

There are various cheaper headphones available in the market that you may purchase but after purchasing you may be got many problems. When you try to connect them or try to establish the connection then you will see that they are 10cm from your phone, at that time you will realize where the money was rescued. If you are walking or in the running position than you must need a strong Bluetooth connection and your tunes will never form it to your ears.  YEVO x Colette headphones are the best to establish a strong connection. So you can buy these headphones without any if and but.


This is the main quality that every user wants. Yes, this quality also included in this earphone. As these earphones are the waterproof so they are no risk if you are in rain or in water while using it. These earphones are waterproof.


YEVO x Colette is the beautiful and stylish wireless earphones yet. These YEVO x Colette headphones cost is €249 as well as you are able to purchase it from Colette’s web store. The YEVO x Colette headphones are the best headphones ever.

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