The Ultimate Guide To iOS 11 Tips and Tricks

iOS 11 is the latest operating system launched by the Apple during this summer. This is basically designed for iPhone or iPad. You are able to download as well as install it free. This version comes with some new feature that every Apple user want on their phone. Here you may achieve best advice or tips for iOS 11 toting your device. There are various options that Apple has given in the iOS 11, but now it is the time to explore some new and hidden feature of iOS 11 that will be able to make your Apple life more beautiful.

iOS 11 Tips and Tricks:

You are able to clear all the notifications just with a one tap. If you click on the option clear it will clear your all notification at a time on the single click. Safety of human is a very important part thus iOS 11 provided an option that does not disturb in its features. You may turn on this when you are driving. If you are busy in some important work as well as an important business meeting then you must use this feature for good work.

There is one extra new feature in the iOS 11 that is screen recording. Screen Recording is a large new improve to iOS 11, as well as it all just work straight from the Control Center. The camera app can scan the QR codes. You do need or require any additional app for this. There is the best feature in this is document scanner. It may scan document just in the way it was already. So you may delete this app also from your phone. Auto-brightness feature provided by the iOS 11 is the best feature ever. This will give an automatic reaction on your screen when you are in light or in dark. It may automatically adjust the brightness of your phone. This option you can find under the Accessibility.

You are able to share your Wi-Fi password with your family as well as with your friends. With the help of  Apple Pay Cash Card, you are able to send money to your friends as well as the family through the iMessage. There is one more option in the iOS 11 which will definitely useful for you. You are able to select auto answer calls option in your phone to answer the call in a specific time period so while you are driving or doing any other work you are able to answer the call with the help of this. And you may also select the time period as for how much time you want to on this Auto-Answer Call system.


Above mentioned all the tips will help you to know more about the iOS 11. some hidden as well as some known tips mentioned above for you. You may use iOS 11 version best with the help of these tips. After knowing such things about the updated version may help you to handle your phone easily as well as with these easy tips you may discover many new things.

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