Wifi, Bluetooth can’t be turned off from iOS 11’s control center, Though it not a bug Apple said

Now, that iOS is rolling out for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, those who have already upgraded their devices into newer version seems feeling happy about the latest features and getting benefited. The wonderful part and talked about features in iOS 11 is the Control center which comes equipped with all the quick controls for effortless navigation under a single swipe up menu.

You now get a option to toggle WiFi and Bluetooth from the control center, although the latest OS doesn’t provide the option to switch off these control completely.

As, this was noticed by all users upgraded their devices on newer OS. This has been closely discussed with the iOS 11 podcast, turning off the Wifi or Bluetooth from the Apple control center turn off these functions completely. Even when they disconnect from the paired devices.

Apple iOS 11 is newly launched with bugs that’s what circling all over Internet now. If you see closely, you  can find out the drawback in Apple’s latest OS.

Hence, Apples replied that it is not a bug. The company further says this was a conscious move to leave radio running in the background, so that it can able to connect the devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Pencil, Apple watch and Hotspot along with the location services.

This process is far more prominent than turning it off completely,which makes it easier as a user do not have to go into settings every time.

Apple backed up with a reason that if a user forget to turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth and runs in the background, well in such situation battery draining is almost negligible.

An apple user now is able to  shut down the radio from the setting option which might be a hefty task for anyone using an Apple device. So, this new feature is set as a addition to accidental disconnections.

But still, Apple is looking for a way to solve this issue. It may take time as Apple can fixed this issue in coming future updates.

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